Our company was created in 2011 as a result of a collaboration with Prof. Fabio Mencarelli (DIBAF – University of Tuscia, Viterbo-ITALY).  Our idea was to test and therefore patent a  scientific and technological method to produce wines with no added sulphites, with particular attention to environmental sustainability and the final product healthiness.

The purovino® method is based on controlled hyperoxygenation on wine grapes and a CIP process of all the equipment with ozone-enriched water.
After the harvest, grapes are fumigated with a specific concentration of activated oxygen that induces  a controlled oxidative stress. This treatment has a pivotal antiseptic function that replaces sulphites activity and induces a meaningful increment of antioxidant substances (polyphenols and anthocyans), healthy for the consumers.
After grapes treatment, all winemaking tolls and instruments are sanitised with ozone-enriched water. The ozonated-water can be filtered and recycled, reducing water demand and costs. At the end of the described process, it is possible to proceed with the conventional winemaking.

The purovino® process is performed only on wine grapes and on winemaking equipment without any further treatment on the wine itself and with no addition of sulphur dioxide.


The use of additives in winemaking is a very common practice, because they facilitate the winemakers job. The most common additive used in wine industry is sulphur dioxide (or sulphites), because it kills almost all bacteria responsible for the wine off-flavour and protects wine from oxygen, extending its longevity. Sulphites are also allowed in organic viticulture.

Despite its positive functions, sulphur dioxide is toxic for human health and exerts a negative impact on wine natural aroma and quality. For this reason, European legislation sets the levels of sulphur dioxide allowed in wines, forcing producers to indicate “contains sulphites” on labels, if their concentration exceed 10 mg/L.

The only sulphites in the purovino® wines are the ones produced during fermentation by yeasts that naturally grow on grapes.

All wines produced applying the purovino® method show a very low sulphites amount and a meaningful increment of antioxidant substances. These substances are not only healthy for consumers (they exert an important protective function on cardiovascular system), but also for the wine itself, because they protect wine against oxidation. Moreover, purovino® wines show an increment in color, an increase of flowery and fruity aromas and an improvement on the bouquet intensity and complexity.


Potete metterci la firma.

Il marchio purovino® può essere adottato dai produttori vinicoli e dalle aziende agricole che aderiscono all’iniziativa e che intendono utilizzare il metodo purovino® per la produzione di vino senza solfiti aggiunti. L’adesione è molto semplice: i produttori interessati possono contattarci direttamente o compilare l’apposita domanda allegata.

Come funziona.

Il metodo purovino® consiste nell’applicare il procedimento brevettato, come specificato nel protocollo operativo e, grazie all’assistenza dei nostri tecnici, consente la produzione di un vino senza solfiti aggiunti.

Il bollino purovino®.

Il logo purovino® apposto sul retro dell’etichetta, garantisce al consumatore il rispetto dell’intero procedimento.

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